Business Consulting Interviews – 10 Important steps to prepare


Here I focus on ten critical steps to prepare management consulting interview rounds. It is generally recommended, by far the best way to become a prominent interviewer is to get a live experience -. So the reason why you should spread a wide net in search for different consulting firms

Getting ready for the case studies

1. Read example – a detailed, 100% illustration-focused resource

2. Read website Victor Cheng is – as a former McKinsey consultant, Victor has a strong grasp of successful technology and case study methods

3. Exercise online case studies – the most solid websites have plenty of issues (some as Bain even have video case studies). The key is to answer the question yourself before reading suggested answer. There are good resources consulting case study materials, such as Rice Consulting Club

4. Exercise a lot of friends – if no friends are interested, seek advice forums and other hubs Appointment as Vault for partners

5. Practice guess time tion / sizing questions in spare waking moment (eg if you see a Ford driving, think about how many Ford cars produced in Mexico). It seems silly, but this is exactly how to become an expert in the examples

key here: practice as many cases as you can with actual consultants. Do not underestimate their ability to help you

experiential / behavioral Interview Prep

1. Create an example match interview questions and prepare answers instance -. Avoid simple memorization, but the outline of the main talking points you

2. Practice answering in front of a mirror – this helps familiarize yourself body, pacing, volume, and more

3. Practice with friends and colleagues – have preferably then ask unexpected questions. Becoming good at spinning is important to advice acing interviews

General Interview Prep tips

1. Be something that looks clean, sharp, and makes you feel safe – first games are deceptively powerful. Dress as a consultant, and people will think you should offer.

2. Talk to current and former advisers – the better you understand the work and lifestyle, the more comfortable you are with consultation lingo as “the beach” and “5000-mile light” the better you’ll do. It is also great for recruiting and networking.

That wraps up our tour of how to prepare for interviews corporate sectors. Good luck!


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