Consulting – 4 Most Profitable Banking Consulting


Here the fields of advice that really pays well

1. Internet marketing advice. Based on studies, thousands of entrepreneurs take business online on a weekly basis. While most of these people are thriving in the offline arena, a lot of them are virtually clueless about marketing. This creates opportunity for people who are considered experts in running and growing online business. After the service required (SEO, link building, competition and market research, etc.) consultant can charge their clients anywhere from $ 5,000 -. $ 25,000 project

2. Operating Company. This is a type of counseling that targets those who are running a brick and mortar business. Consultants are expected to help them set up their new business and later, in growing it. Business consultants are expected to have a degree in commerce or business before they can practice in this field. They must also have a track record and they have to be highly recommended by industry leaders.

3. I.T. advice. This is a type of counseling that provides professional technical advice to institutions. The job of an IT consultant takes to make certain software solutions that can help in streamlining certain processes to increase efficiency and productivity. I.T. advisors make at least $ 75,000 a customer.

4. Leadership advice. More and more large organizations are now realizing the importance of improving the quality of the leadership team. This is why leadership advice is fast becoming one of the most in-demand services today. Consultants are expected to help leaders to become better at work by teaching them new skills that match their position in the corporate world.


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