Selling Consulting – Highly Effective System to our customers


When selling advice, you will need some very effective methods to get customers. Because one of the most difficult issues that every business owner has, especially during a recession is to get customers. This might make you wonder if there are even enough customers to make it worth it to stay in business for.

When in fact is not the case, especially during a recession, business consultants HIGHLY needed. Whatever your product or service you are likely answer to some problem. Even if the product is sound made by children digital recorder, you can influence the world.

More importantly do not how much you give the value you offer to get you tens of thousands of dollars of income. So, let’s start with creating a simple method you can use to sell your advice.

Begin by not realize business consultant, or school, or virtual assistant you are a teacher. It’s your job, the main role is to find prospects and needs but if we educate customers about exactly how you can bring value to their services and or products.

With that in mind, lets go. All you have to do is to create a comfortable conversation that helps you find their needs. I suggest you do it

Here is a simple dialogue you can use to find opportunities and our customers by using just a few well-placed words,

o So tell me what is happen – use this. discovering opportunities.

o What outcome do you want to – find out what they want.

o What is the evidence that you will use to know that you have achieved your goals – whether you can deliver the results.

o What is it worth to you – to find out the extent to which they respect the results. I use a scale of 1 – 5 for example.

o It sounds like – here you help them see the possibility to achieve the results.

o We can help you achieve the results – here you really makes a statement with confidence that you can achieve the results they want.

o Is this something that you would like to continue with – here you have to ask them if they will actually achieve this.

o OK here’s the next step – here you take the time to take them to the very next step, normal procedure in relation to enroll.

o Verify -. Get them to confirm that you nest step, make sure that they know exactly what to do next, and when to do it

Now what makes this system so well is how you use this list. Start using it with friends, customers, prospects and family, force yourself to ask them what is happening. What they would like to see happen, ask them how they would know that they achieve their goal.

and ask them what is worth to them to achieve their goal, tell them what it sounds like to you. What is most important is to be casual and very relaxed. Once you have some practice – you should do this at least 50 times -. You will find the start customers very easy

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